I’m am a headshot and portrait photographer based in Urbana, Maryand.


Prior to starting Angell Photography in 2011, I worked with other photographers, both in a studio setting and on location, doing portrait, event and product photography.  Since then, I have continued to work with different clients (individuals, organizations and businesses) on a wide variety of projects.  I am very detail oriented and my image style is bright, colorful and has a subtle pop.  I operate a well equipped, in-home photography studio and have taught a variety of local photography workshops.  I continue to attend trainings and workshops to enhance my knowledge and techniques to provide the best images possible.  I also lead a group of local photo enthusiasts numbering over 350 members.


I believe my work excels because of the training, knowledge, and experience I have dedicated to my craft.


I hope to work with you soon.


-Troy Angell

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